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By far the most important Orthodox holidays

You can find 12 most important getaways from the Orthodox religious beliefs. Orthodox holidays are a whole dozen important events, according to the church calendar, excluding the main holiday - Easter. These holidays are called in Christianity a dozen, the believers observe them every year.

Twelve rolling holiday seasons

The Orthodox schedule has inconsistent holiday dates, which fluctuate in particular date annually. This also applies to Easter time, which is associated to the move of your getaway to a different day.

• Palm Sunday is celebrated a week before Easter. Right then, Christ stumbled on the sacred city.

• Ascension of the Lord. Its time drops when 40 times have passed from Easter. It slips about the 4th time of every week. This is a result of the visiting The lord of Jesus Christ.

• Day time of your Sacred Trinity. They celebrate 50 days after Great Easter time, when our Savior was resurrected.

Twelve motionless getaways

An additional section of the vacations from the cathedral schedule is resolved, they may be celebrated simultaneously. Their time does not rely on Easter, they are constantly celebrated on a single time.

• The delivery of the Virgin Mary is recognized on September 21st. Orthodoxy promises the Mommy of The lord was sent to the planet for your arrival from the Savior, with his fantastic getting pregnant was fortunate from the angels.

• The Dormition of the very Sacred Theotokos is recognized by Orthodoxy on 28 August. Right then, the Savior's new mother ascended to heaven.

• Exaltation from the Go across from the Lord drops on Sept 27th.

This holiday is assigned to the acquisition of the Daily life-providing Cross by Christianity.

• Introduction to the temple of the very most Sacred Theotokos drops on December 4. With this time, the parents of the Virgin Mary made a vow to take their little girl to Our god.

• Nativity. All followers celebrate the bday in the Savior on Jan 7.

• Baptism of the Lord on January 19, then John the Baptist washed the Savior within the seas in the Jordan and informed him about his unique goal in the world

• Meeting in the Lord transpires on Feb 15th. This is basically the working day in the meeting of Semeon the Our god-receiver and the parents for the future Savior.

• The Annunciation of the more Sacred Theotokos is celebrated on Apr 7, if the Archangel Gabriel released towards the New mother of God the imminent childbirth of a kid who could be the savior of the world.

• Transfiguration in the Lord. On this day, August 19, Jesus figured out through the prophets about his upcoming fate.

On these Orthodox holidays, providers are automatically kept in Orthodox church buildings and churches.

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